Friday, March 15, 2013

Gromit the explorer branches

 Gromit branched late this afternoon jumping or flapping like a pro. He tried several times climbing back up the tree and then plop - back down to the ground.

 Gromit explored the forest ground in search for a place to hide or looking for Wallace or a parent

Not to worry, Mom or Dad was keeping a close eye on Gromit down below.

We wish both Wallace and Gromit a safe good life as owlets on the verge of flying and full fledge.

A fond farewell as our cameras turned off, tears were shed among the many viewers who have grown to love our precious Mr. & Mrs B and their adorable clutch Wallace and Gromit..

Special thanks goes out to OwlGuy for bringing the cameras to us viewers and to his many well informed moderators who gave us all an education about barred owls.

See you next January...